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Physiopatological and clinic aspect of lifestyle management to improve health  

Research Activity

Prof. D. Lucini research primarily involves:  

  1. the definition of methodological strategies to help patients/subjects to improve their lifestyle in both group and individual format with particular focus on exercise. Her particular interest is the use of strategies based on regular physical activity to improve functional capacity, quality of life and then foster healthy ageing independently of the initial patients’ conditions.
  2. the non-invasive assessment of the neural regulation of cardiovascular system studying  autonomic nervous system (ANS) both from a physio pathological and clinical point of view, in several conditions, ranging from elite sport to cardio metabolic diseases and stress, defining methodological strategies to best assess ANS and to best extract  clinical information from the amount of data derived from ANS analysis. In particular these techniques may be used in order to:
    a) verify the effects of physical training on ANS both in patients (cardiac rehabilitation, exercise medicine) and in elite athletes.
    b) to use ANS evaluation in clinical setting in order to optimize physical training and in general lifestyle modification program
    c) quantify ANS involvement in acute and (above all) chronic stress, furnishing a methodological advantage in order to verify the effects of treatment and to help patients to understand their clinical condition and to motivate them to take a proactive role in treatment programs.
  3. the development of simple web questionnaires in order to define lifestyle, capable of furnishing quantitative Indexes which correlate with  main clinical parameters.



Prof Daniela Lucini:
Full Professor SSD MEDF/01
PhD Internal Medicine,
Specialist in Clinical Psychology
Meritorious Member of the Italian Federation of Sports Medicine
Head Exercise Medicine and Functional Syndrome Unit
IRCCS Auxologico, Milano
Mail: daniela.lucini@unimi.it,
Phone: +3902

Dr Mara Malacarne:
PhD Biology




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