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Functional properties of cell sphingolipids  

Study group on the functional properties of cell sphingolipids


Responsible: Prof. Sandro Sonnino, sandro.sonnino@unimi.it

Dr.ssa Sara Grassi,   Biochemistry PhD student,  sara.grassi@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Valentina Murdica, Biochemistry PhD student, valentina.murdica@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Maura Samarani, Biochemistry PhD student, maura.samarani@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Maria Grazia Ciampa, PostDoc, maria.ciampa@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Nicoletta Loberto, technical researcher, nicoletta.loberto@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Manuela Valsecchi, technical researcher, manuela.valsecchi@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Simona Prioni, technical researcher, simona.prioni@unimi.it
Dr. Massimo Aureli, university researcher, massimo.aureli@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Rosaria Bassi, university researcher, rosaria.bassi@unimi.it
Dr.ssa Laura Mauri, university researcher, laura.mauri@unimi.it
Prof. Alessandro Prinetti, alessandro.prinetti@unimi.it


Fields of research

- Chemistry
Responsible: Dr.ssa Laura Mauri, Prof. Sandro Sonnino
Involved Scientists: Dr.ssa Manuela Valsecchi, Dr.ssa Simona Prioni,  Dr.ssa Maria Grazia Ciampa, Students
Research topics:
Synthesis of glycosphingolipid species
Synthesis of glycosphingolipid derivatives/analogues
Synthesis of unusual fatty acid chains
Synthesis of dimeric gangliosides
Synthesis of glycosphingolipid oligosaccharides
Isotopic synthesis of tritiated sphingolipids
Ganglioside extraction and purification
Development of new substrates for enzymatic assays
Development of new enzymatic assays
Structural characterization of new minor glycosphingolipids
Quality control of glycosphingolipids
NMR of glycosphingolipids
MS of sphingolipids and glycerophospholipids
HPLC of gangliosides


- Enzymology, intracellular trafficking, neurodegenerative diseases
Responsible: Dr. Massimo Aureli, Dr.ssa Rosaria Bassi, Prof. Sandro Sonnino
Involved Scientists:, Dr.ssa Nicoletta Loberto, Dr.ssa Simona Prioni, Dr.ssa Valentina Murdica, Dr.ssa Maura Samarani, Students
Research topics:
Lysosomal and cell surface sphingolipid hydrolases
Cell surface glycohydrolases and cell apoptosis
Cell surface glycohydrolases and prostatic cancer
Cell surface glycohydrolases, ganglioside GM3 and bladder cancer
Glucosylceramidase GBA2 in the nervous system
Lysosomal impairment and neurodegeneration
Sphingolipidosis: Gaucher disease, Niemann-Pick disease, Sandhoff disease
Parkinson’s disease
Myotonic dystrophy


- Membrane ganglioside organization and cell signaling
Responsible: Prof. Alessandro Prinetti, Dr.ssa Laura Mauri,  Prof. Sandro Sonnino
Involved Scientists: Dr.ssa Simona Prioni, Dr.ssa Maria Grazia Ciampa, Dr.ssa Sara Grassi, Students
Research topics:
Organization and functions of ganglioside-enriched membranedomains
Ganglioside-protein interactions
Ganglioside-protein complexes as determinants of tumor cell phenotypes
Gangliosides and peripheral neuropathies: Guillain-Barré syndrome
Glycosphingolipids and neutrophil functions
Gangliosides and diabets
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