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Type Title Principal Investigators Status Year
FON_NAZ - Bandi Altre Fondazioni
Dissecting the genetic basis and molecular mechanisms of Premature Ovarian Failure
  • LUCA PERSANI loading
Closed 2009
INTLI - Finanziamenti internazionali
Dissecting the molecular mechanism linking GCase-dependent lysosomal impairment with Parkinson’s disease
  • MASSIMO AURELI loading
Closed 2022
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
Dynamics of the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection: regulatory mechanisms and their relevance for COVID-19
  • MASSIMO LOCATI loading
Ongoing 2023
FON_NAZ - Bandi Altre Fondazioni
E-cigarettes: a realistic innovative mouse model for studying the addictive effects of nicotine exposure via electronic devices
  • DANIELA BRAIDA loading
Closed 2014
INTLI - Finanziamenti internazionali
Early Detection and Diagnosis of Emerging Biological Threats
  • CARLO ZANOTTO loading
Closed 2019
PRIN2017 - PRIN bando 2017
Early dysfunctions of intercellular signalling in brain disorders
Closed 2019
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
Elucidating the role of the lysosomal impairment in neurodegeneration: metabolic implications and consequences of lysosomal exocytosis on the propagation of neuronal damage
  • MASSIMO AURELI loading
Ongoing 2023
PRIN2022 - PRIN bando 2022
Emerging role of digenic or pseudo-digenic inheritance models in Mendelian diseases: implication of hypomorphic variants in Noonan syndrome’s pathogenetic mechanisms and in RAS pathway deregulation
  • PAOLA VANDA RIVA loading
Ongoing 2023
H20_RIA - Horizon 2020_Research & Innovation Action/Innovation Action
Enhanced Delivery Ecosystem for Neurosurgery in 2020
  • LORENZO BELLO loading
Closed 2015
MIS - Bandi Ministero Salute
Enhancement of the current hematopoietic stem cell-based gene therapy to broaden its accessibility to symptomatic patients affected by Metachromatic Leukodystrophy
Ongoing 2021
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