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D-MEM Webinar

Dottorato di Medicina Sperimentale




We are pleased to invite you to the Webinar the Ph.D. program in Experimental Medicine .

Webinar entitled:

“Identifying and prioritising  drug targets using the Open Targets Platform”, will be held by Helena Cornu and Annalisa Buniello di EMBL - EBI   on  17th April at 11:00  on line.INning down the role of prolyl isomerization in cancer and neurodegeneration"

will be held  on  17 th April at 11:00 on line by:

 Helena Cornu and Annalisa Buniello 


 To join the webinar and to get connection details please register here : https://forms.gle/QwZa2zC5cvspAK6v8


Il comitato organizzatore

Clara De Palma, Nicoletta Landsberger 

13 March 2023
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