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D-MEM keynote Lecture

Dottorato di Medicina Sperimentale






We are pleased to invite you to the Opening Ceremony of the Ph.D. program in Experimental Medicine .

Our Keynote Lecture entitled:

“PINning down the role of prolyl isomerization in cancer and neurodegeneration"

will be held  on  March 28 at 4:00 PMat the Aula G10 (Città Studi Via Golgi 19  - Milano) by:

Prof. Giannino DEL SAL
Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste
InternationaI Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology-Trieste
IFOM ETS-The AIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology-Milan


Il comitato organizzatore

Clara De Palma, Nicoletta Landsberger 

21 March 2023
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