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BioMeTra Seminars 2022

Biometra Seminars





The next Biometra Seminar of the special cycle " Nobel lectures " entitled:

“Asymmetric organocatalysis: a strategy towards a simple, selective and sustainable synthesis"

 will take place on 13 June  at 13.30 and will be held by 

Prof.  Maurizio BENAGLIA
Department of Chemistry - University of Milan

in the Aula C of the LITA (Via Cervi, 93 – Segrate).

It will also be possible to partecipate in the seminar by connecting to this link.


Info: biometra.seminars@unimi.it


The organizing committee BioMeTra seminars:
Clara De Palma, Fabio Giavazzi, Sara Grassi, Daniela Lucini, Luca Mollica, Laura Morelli, Luca Persani 

07 June 2022
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