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Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine

The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine, originated from matching interests and expertise in molecular and cellular sciences, sciences applied to medicine and clinical sciences, identifies research and teaching as two aspects to be integrated at most.

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Biometra Seminars

BioMeTra seminars 2018/2019

"Optical tweezers: touching cells with fingers of light” is the title of the next seminar of the cycle "BioMeTra seminars 2018/2019" that will take place on April 15th, at 2:00 pm at the Aula Magna of LITA-Segrate.

Workshop Biometra

Biometra Workshop

The 3rd Biometra Workshop took place on September 24th 2018 at LITA Segrate.


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Focus on  

Is precision medicine relevant for Rett syndrome?

We generated and characterized a novel mouse model of Mecp2 recapitulating a human mutation causing Rett syndrome. By reporting that these mice manifest similar behavioral phenotypes but different molecular alterations compared to the vastly used null model, we suggest the value of considering personalized approaches for the treatment of Rett syndrome.

The geometry of flirting in animal groups

Published on Scientific Reports a collaborative study involving three departments of the University of Milan (Biometra, Physics and Environmental Sciences and Policies) on the dynamics of lekking, a mating behavior widespread across animal taxa as diverse as insects and vertebrates. The proposed model is aimed at understanding the spatial properties of territories on leks (mating arenas), where the presence of a hierarchy in a population of males leads to the clustering of individuals around high-ranking males.

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