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Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine

The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine, originated from matching interests and expertise in molecular and cellular sciences, sciences applied to medicine and clinical sciences, identifies research and teaching as two aspects to be integrated at most.

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Workshop Biometra

Biometra Workshop

The 3rd Biometra Workshop took place on September 24th 2018 at LITA Segrate.


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Is Watson-Crick pairing more ancient than DNA?

A group of Biometra researchers (Tommaso Bellini, Tommaso Fraccia, Marco Todisco and Giuliano Zanchetta), in collaboration with Noel Clark’s group (University of Colorado Boulder), has showed in a recent study published in PNAS that the selective pairing responsible for the transmission of genetic code occurs not only for DNA filaments but also, spontaneously, for single nucleotides.

Cross-talk between sphingosine-1-phosphate and EGF receptor mediated signaling pathways as a novel mechanism that promotes the invasiveness of human glioblastoma cells

A recent study - result of a collaboration between BIOMETRA researchers and funded by the same Department thanks to the Piano Ricerca Sviluppo - has demonstrated in human glioblastoma a functional relationship between the signaling pathways mediated by EGF receptor and sphingosine-1-phosphate which is associated with greater invasiveness and tumor aggressiveness.

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