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Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine

The Department of Medical Biotechnology and Translational Medicine, originated from matching interests and expertise in molecular and cellular sciences, sciences applied to medicine and clinical sciences, identifies research and teaching as two aspects to be integrated at most.

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Biometra Seminars

BioMeTra seminars 2017/2018

"Integrative biophysical approach to unveil drug-membrane interactions". Is the title of the next seminar of the cycle 'BioMeTra seminars 2017/2018' that will take place on april 24 at 14:00pm at the aula E of LITA Segrate.


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Active transport during Drosophila oogenesis

A recent study in collaboration between the BIOMETRA Department (Fabio Giavazzi e Roberto Cerbino) and colleagues of the Cambridge Zoology Department (Maik Drechsler e Isabel Palacios), appeared in Nature Communications, gives information about the delicate interplay of actina nd microtubules in trasporting organelles inside the oocyte of the fruit fly, one of the most studied model organisms.

Selective adipose blockade of CB1 receptor increases energy expenditure and reduces body weight

WHO has declared obesity, particularly in childhood and adolescence, as the first public health problem worldwide. Treatment of obesity is often poorly effective and limited in time. This study demonstrates that selective blockade of endocannabinoid CB1 receptor in adipose tissue, which normally stores fat, transforms this tissue in thermogenically active brown fat and reduces body weight.

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