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Physiopatological and clinic aspect of lifestyle management to improve health  


Research Activity:

Main research interests focus on methodological, fisiopathological and clinical aspects of autonomic nervous system (ANS) with particular attention to clinical preventive strategies implying life style changes (physical training, nutrition, stop smoking, stress management). The overall aim is to reduce global risk both in primary prevention (healthy subjects, athletes, childhood) and in secondary prevention (cancer survivors, arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, functional syndromes). The main research hypothesis  is that ANS play an important role in:
-exercise physiology
-etiopathogenesys of several non communicable diseases
-etiopathogenesys of stress and functional diseases

A second hypothesis is that ANS assessment may furnish functional outcomes useful to personalize clinical interventions, based on life style strategies capable to modulate possible ANS dysfunctions as a component of cardiovascular risk.

Further research interests focus on developing tools and strategies to assess life style with IT (web questionnaires) and to motivate patients to modify it, to be used not only in traditional clinical setting but also outside hospital settings (workplace, fitness center, home).  



Prof Daniela Lucini:
Associated Professor SSD MEDF/01, SSDc 06/B1 Internal Medicine.
PhD Internal Medicine,
Specialist in Clinica Psychology
Physician of Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana
Head Exercise Medicine and Functional Syndrome  Unit
Humanitas Clinical and Research Hospital
Mail: Daniela.Lucini @unimi.it, Daniela.Lucini @humanitas.it
Phone: +390282247449

Dr Mara Malacarne:
PhD Biology



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